Cons, and Pros of Purchasing Drugs Online in Canada

 Governments, businesses, organizations, consumers, and academic institutions are interacting and managing their operations through the internet, although it was first meant for facilitating communication during its creation.  There are various ways in which patients can get medication from online pharmacies, where some contact their physicians to give a prescription to an online pharmacy, while others order the medication and go for the prescription from the physician, but there are those who never involve the physician in the process where the order for a delivery without a physician’s prescription. Follow this link for more info about purchasing drugs online in Canada:

 The last way of purchasing medicine online above is risky and dangerous since the user will hardly get the information on whether the pharmacy is operating legally or illegally seeing that some pharmacies do not meet the legally set standards. 

Another danger comes in after the patient buys medicine from an illegal online pharmacy where there is no guaranteed quality of the medicine meaning that medicines may be substandard, counterfeit and unapproved.  The illegal pharmacies do not have professional medical counseling services and in most instances have proved to sell drugs which require a prescription such as chemotherapy regimens, anti-acne drugs and antibiotics while advertising using misleading information such as how safe the medicines are for self-care but could lead to dangerous effects such as birth defects in reality. 

This method is also risky since their processes can hardly be trusted due to lack of transparency, like in the case where they give a questionnaire to the purchase and claim that a physician will review the answers and then prescribe the appropriate drugs.  To resolve this problem, some governments have passed legislation that makes it illegal for doctors to issue prescriptions based on online questionnaires, if they have never examined the patient before.

 Purchasing drugs from the internet also brings about some advantages with the main one being the convenience and simplicity enjoyed by customers but only if they get the right medicines as it may not be the case in a case where a patient enjoyed the same while buying drugs from an illegal website.

 Another advantage is that whenever legitimate, online pharmacies are efficient in their operations like in the case where they have a system where they require patients to register and receive consultation services through email or phone, where they also ensure that they are effective by asking the patient information about their medical history, and especially their drug history to make sure that the drugs given to not lead conflict with previous medication. For more information about advantages of online pharmacies in Canada check it out

 The last advantage of online pharmacies in Canada is that they offer privacy for people purchasing drugs online and in the same time giving a vast access to medicines and professions even for the elderly, people living in remote areas, and the disabled.

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